Dirt Bike Tours and Rentals in Vietnam


Travel Vietnam the best way possible: by dirt bike.


Meet people from totally different backgrounds. Try new foods.


Ride mountain passes, serene coastal roads, new highways and tricky dirt trails.

What makes Thang Motorcycle Tour different?

Genuine Honda Dirt Bikes

We have the largest garage of late-model Honda XR150s and CRF250s in North Vietnam, perhaps in the entire country.

Custom Tours

We design each itinerary in cooperation with our guests, based on the number of days they have, their styles of riding and where it is they'd like to go.

Quality Food and Accommodation

Our tours are all-inclusive, but we never skimp on quality when it comes to the food you'll be eating or the places you'll be staying.

24/7 Assistance

Whether you're touring with or renting from us, your safety and enjoyment are our priority. We'll be available to help you 24/7.