-Day 1: Hanoi - Thac Ba Lake, 180 kilometers / 112 miles

You will start discovering the Northeast of Vietnam by motorbike at 08:30 from Thang Motorcycle Tour’s bike store. You will head out of Hanoi on the winding road along the red river. It’s a beautiful 50 kilometers dyke road from Hanoi to Viet Tri town. After reaching Viet Tri, you will ride along the Thao river further North. After lunch in Doan Hung Town, you have two different choices to be on the long or short road to Thac Ba lake. If you arrive at the lake early and the weather permits, you will have a short boat trip around the Thac Ba lake - one of the largest lakes in Vietnam.
*Meals plan: Lunch and dinner


-Day 2: Vu Linh - Ha Giang, 170 kilometers / 106 miles

After breakfast with the friendly host Family of Dzao people, you will keep touring North to Ha Giang. The ride in the morning is mostly on backroads along the Thac Ba lake before crossing some short mountain passes. After lunch, you will hit the smooth sealed road straight to Ha Giang.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 3: Ha Giang - Dong Van, 150 kilometers / 93 miles

It’s a short distance of motorbike riding today but the road is zigzags and it is not a simple ride so you must travel a bit slower. However, the Ha Giang motorcycle ride to Dong Van via the Rock Plateau and the Global Geopark is one of the best motorbike rides in Vietnam. Every meter of the snaking roads offers you amazing views of mountain or simple but interesting villages of the colorful hill tribes. You will finish the day's tour in Dong Van at around 16:30.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 4: Dong Van - Bao Lac, 120 kilometers / 75 miles

This is another short day of motorbike touring in Ha Giang. Before you start riding, you can have a short walk around the Dong Van town to see the local market where you can see some different ethnic minorities or have a look at some beautiful ancient buildings in town. After leaving the peaceful town of Dong Van, you continue on the rock plateau of Ha Giang and cross the imposing Ma Pi Leng pass - one of the longest and most beautiful passes in Vietnam. After lunch in Meo Vac, you will ride all the way down along the Nho Que river to a riverside town named Bao Lac.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 5: Bao Lac - Quang Uyen, 185 kilometers / 115 miles

After simple breakfast in town, you will keep riding along the Nho Que river. The ride offers a different view of the mountains to the view of the rock plateau you’ve seen on the previous days. The mountains are greener with corn plantations and rice terraces. After lunch in a restaurant in a remote area, you will continue your ride up to Cao Bang, pass through the city, rejoin quiet backroads, and ride towards Ban Gioc-Detian Falls which is on the Vietnam / China land border. You can stay at Quang Uyen town in a guesthouse or do a homestay with the Tay people.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 6: Quang Uyen - Ban Gioc-Detian Falls - Cao Bang, 170 kilometers / 106 miles

This is another highlight of this motorcycle tour in North Vietnam. You will ride to the one of the most remote areas in the North of Vietnam which offers mostly backroad and off-road motorbike riding in the mountains. You will reach the Chinese border where Vietnam and China share the most beautiful and imposing waterfall - the Ban Gioc-Detian Falls. After a picnic lunch, you will have a relaxing time at the waterfall, take pictures of its natural beauty, and go swimming in the natural pool of the waterfall. In the afternoon, you will ride back to Cao Bang and spend a night in the provincial capital to enjoy a different kind of evening after staying several nights in remote parts of Vietnam.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 7: Cao Bang - Ba Be Lake, 150 kilometers / 93 miles

After getting out of the city, you will join the winding road No 3, cross some mountain passes, and ride all the way down to Ba Be lake. The motorbike ride to Ba Be lake takes about four hours so you will have lunch upon reaching to the lake, after lunch, you will have a short boat trip around the largest natural lake in Vietnam - Ba Be lake. This will be a time of relaxation after the past weeks riding both on add off-road in the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam.
*Meals plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


-Day 8: Ba Be - Hanoi, 240 kilometers / 149 miles

You end what will be a memorable eight-day motorcycle tour in North Vietnam with the long ride back to Hanoi from Ba Be lake. The ride in the morning is still on the mountain passes and rugged roads. Your experienced guide will ride on the safest and easiest roads as possible to get you close to Hanoi. Once you are close to Hanoi, there’ll be no choice but to join the busy roads with the locals to ride back to the city center. The tour will end at around 16:30.
*Meals plan: Breakfast and lunch